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Announcement May 6, 2021

Hello to all!

We are grateful to all of you that have been stopping in and saying Goodbye or Till We Meet Again in Milbridge! Only a few weeks and we will be closing here in Kennebunk on Saturday, May 22 (note: open till 4:00 PM that day). We have a few important things to share about the new location! Here are a few very important highlights:

  • Our Grand Opening Date in Milbridge will be Wednesday, June 23rd at 10:00 AM

    • Note: Information to follow for fun events during our first open week!!!

  • Our new open days of the week will be Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (THIS IS A BIG CHANGE!)

  • Our hours will be the same: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM each day.

New Open Sew Opportunities! Book your dates NOW!!!

We will have a MUCH larger area for class room and open sew space in our new location. This means you and friends can join us any day we are open to spend the day or days working on your various projects. There are no rules on what you work on; the space will have upright comfy chairs for hooking, flat tables for applique, lots of outlets for sewing machines …. You get the idea whatever you want!!! Here are the details.

How many people?

For now with COVID rules we can seat up to 12 people!

What does it cost?

Cost: $10 a day per person ($5 to store and $5 to local animal shelter)

When can I book?

Dates: Any non-class dates are available. Note: we will not be offering many formal classes during the heart of summer so virtually all store open dates are eligible.

How do I reserve the space?

Simply call us at the store! Let us know your preferred dates and we will call you back to confirm! Please note that reserved Saturdays will require a deposit based on head count.

How many days can we reserve?

As many as you want!!! This is a great opportunity to get away and spend time with your friends!!!!

What about food?

We have a full size fridge in the building. Coffee and tea are always available and we are surrounded by 3 restaurants that will we be able to order lunch from!!! OR bring your own treats and enjoy!!!

What about a place to stay?

We have a great local motel called the Red Barn Motel that has generously agreed to additional discounts when you reserve mentioning Camp Wool. See the Around Milbridge page in the Visit Us section in our website for more details on how you can save up to 15% off base room rates!!!

What other places/locations can we consider visiting when we come up to the store?

Please see our new “Visit Us” tab on our website for more information on places to shop/stay and enjoy on your way up north!!! We will be adding more information over the next several weeks for you to look at and plan your next trip!

New Merchandise

Now In: We are now carrying the full line of Classic Colorworks Threads!!! Come in and get what you need!!!

Those are the important updates but more to follow regarding our opening week and how to reach us at the new location!!!

Take care and we can’t wait to see you up north!!



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