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Update April 13, 2023

Hello to All Our Wonderful Customers!!

Well, we are three weeks from opening and having so much fun seeing so many familiar faces and enjoying meeting so many new recruits to Camp Wool too!!!! Now that we have our feet under us at the new location, we are starting to post more classes so keep your eye out for something that you might like to learn!! Just give us a call at the store if you're interested. Please note that my web person is taking a well-deserved break, so I won't be making any new posts till early May! In the meantime, I wanted to update you on a few fun things with one gentle reminder!

New Wools for Spring have arrived!!!

We just got in a large shipment of wools, and I can honestly say I don't think we've ever had a better selection in the store at one time!!

New Cottons!!!

We've just received some wonderful new cottons as well. I often hear from customers that we have a great variety of cottons you won't find elsewhere! I really enjoy looking for fun prints and patterns that I think work lovely into projects. If you are a quilter, come in and take a look! I think you will enjoy the look!!! Note: We always have an in-store special Buy 5 ½ yard precuts get the 6th for free!!!

Open Sews on Hold/Scheduling Groups!

We are still working on some final unpacking, so we are not quite ready for open sews but if you want to have your group come and stitch for the day, we are taking reservations. For a $5.00 per person donation to our local animal shelter you can come with your group and spend the day!!! Call to reserve.

Teaser - New Applique Project Class with Deb Beudreau of Rustic Country Handcrafts

We don't quite have all the details worked out at the time of this writing, but Deb is designing a custom design for Camp Wool where you will have a wonderful opportunity to learn her methods of embroidery/wool applique with an emphasis on using embellishments, found/one-of-a-kind lace, buttons and more. This will be a one-day class and targeted dates are Friday, June 2 or Saturday, June 3. If you are interested in learning more and getting put on a priority list, please call the store and we will get you more information soon!

Feeling a Little Under the Weather??

We are a fun cozy shop and while windows can now be opened (yeah) germs are still amongst us! If you're feeling that itch or a cough coming on, please visit with a mask and/or free masks at the door if you need one!

Take care and hoping for a healthy happy spring for all!



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