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Update Early February 2023

Hello from Camp Wool!

It has been a couple of months of some extremely hard work and a few setbacks. Old man winter was kind in the beginning but of late has conspired against us. We have had a few trials with ice storms, frozen pipes, etc. that have put us weeks behind in our goals towards reopening. On a positive note, we have made some very good progress and have all the merchandise moved. However, as you may know, we have A LOT of stuff and getting it all arranged is a big undertaking. With final repairs and upgrades still underway by tradesmen, I have no way to estimate an open date just yet. What I can tell you is we are aiming towards mid to late March. I wish we could open sooner, but our old bodies are not able to do as much for as long as we used to!

I want to thank those of you that have stopped by or called to give words of encouragement and support. Also, it's just a thrill to know that so many of you remember us and are anxious to come back. I am calling this my last and final aging in place store! Not too big, not too small but just right. I really think you will like this new version of Camp Wool.

We are working on picking up some fun new merchandise and we are well stocked with wool and cotton and soooooo many cute projects! I hope by the end of February to announce our grand opening date! In the meantime, hold on, sew away and with the first breaths of spring, we should have a new and exciting version of Camp Wool waiting for you!

All my best to you! Be safe, be warm, seek peace by doing!!



Camp Wool

Another view of the outside of the store currently

Wool, wool and more wool!!! Getting ready!!

Upstairs we have a two room classroom with bathroom all ready for classes!!! Can't wait!!!

Hmmmmmm. These might be some new wool purses'll have to wait and see!!!!


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