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Update - Last Day in Milbridge and Moving

Well it's here ..... our last day in Milbridge! Sad day yet we are really getting excited to get the new store ready for business! Building needs a little bit of work which we will be doing over the next month or so and then we will move in the merchandise. I know you are wondering when we will be open but I just don't know yet. Just a few too many variables (weather being a big one) to know when we will reopen. My best guess is late February. I will keep you all fully apprised as our journey evolves and let you know as I know!

In the Meantime (i.e. During the month of December)!

We will be able to process phone orders including gift cards, merchandise sends etc. You can reach me by simply leaving a message at our Milbridge store at 207-546-2647. There may be a slight delay in calling you back, but I will check voice mail each day. Also, we will be working at the Milbridge store off and on starting the 2nd week in December. If you see the lights on or if you know you are passing by you are welcome to stop by. Merchandise will be moved gradually to avoid twice moves! You can also reach out to me via e-mail at Please note that is a new e-mail address for me. If we have corresponded in the past, my prior e-mail no longer works. I will not have access to e-mail the first week of December so please call me at the store instead and leave a message.

New Store - Hollis Center - Phone Number etc.-

Next week I will be working on getting new store phone numbers etc. As soon as I have this I will publish when the new phone numbers will be live. In the meantime, if you are looking to make plans for a visit here is our address so you can plan your route!

Camp Wool - Coming Soon (Plan late February - stay tuned)

36 Main Street

Hollis Center, ME 04042

Note: prior home to New Leaf Salon and Spa and the signs are still on the building. Next door to Your Country Store.

Closing Thoughts

The holidays are always a hectic time for all! Enjoy this time with family and friends and perhaps a little time to stitch!!! I wish you all well and have a happy and safe holiday season!!!

Take care.



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